Keeping Our Nation's
Capital Comfortable

Case Studies

Washington Nationals Stadium

Built by the DC Government for the Washington Nationals when baseball returned to DC, it is the first LEED-certified green major professional sports stadium in the United States. It includes three air cooled chillers, 16 air handlers, over 300 VAV boxes as well as other terminal products.

Reagan National Airport

Boland provided 6,400 tons of Trane EarthWise™ CenTraVac™ Centrifugal Chillers for cooling capacity and chiller plant controls for Reagan National Airport. Currently, Boland provides ongoing preventive maintenance services to Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority at Reagan National Airport.

The Kennedy Center

The Kennedy Center is America’s living memorial to President John F. Kennedy. This landmark was built in 1971, but by the 1990’s the original chillers were due to be replaced. Trane chillers were selected as an energy efficient upgrade for the facility.

FedEx Field

Home of the Washington Redskins: The Trane air-cooled chillers are controlled by a Trane Tracer building automation system. The chillers serve the team locker rooms, owner’s box, private suites, scoreboard control room and data center. The team was so impressed with the reliability of the Trane equipment they specified Trane equipment to inflate/condition the new Practice Bubble installed at Redskins Park in 2012.

Mason District Government Center

The Mason District Government Center is part of the Fairfax County government system. Boland has been a trusted advisor and was consulted on replacing the outdated HVAC chiller plant. The project objectives included replacing the existing hot water boilers and two rooftop units. The project also had new VAV boxes with hot water reheat coils installed along with a custom designed Tracer Summit™ system.

Secured Data Center

The client’s data center was used for hotel reservations and payroll. The cooling equipment was old and the existing HVAC equipment could not handle the load. Temporary cooling was utilized to promote cooling capacity until the retrofit was completed. Boland developed a phase out plan to upgrade the cooling equipment with higher chiller plant efficiency and redundancy.

National Museum of Women in the Arts

The National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) in Washington, DC. Boland performed a retro-commissioning of the outdated HVAC system and installed new air handlers and a DDC control system as well as reconditioned the existing Trane chiller. The finishing touch was the installation of a Trane Tracer Summit™ building automation system. The final product was a masterpiece of HVAC art, with improvements in comfort, operation and efficiency.

Gettysburg Museum and Visitors Center

The new facility was awarded U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification. It is the first museum in Pennsylvania to achieve LEED Gold status and only the fourth museum nationwide.

Although the soldiers who fought at Gettysburg 150 years ago sweltered in the July heat, the new museum’s more than two million annual visitors remain completely comfortable no matter the season, thanks to an innovative geothermal HVAC system.

The geothermal chiller plant consists of a 500 ton packaged heat recovery chiller plant. The geothermal system includes  168 wells that extend 550 feet into the earth.


Harry S. Truman Building Department of State

Boland assisted the Department of State with compliance of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct2005). The Act established a number of energy management goals for federal facilities. Section 103 of EPAct 2005 directs that all federal buildings be metered “…for the purposes of efficient energy use and reduction in the cost of electricity used in such buildings…” by October 1, 2012. Advanced meters or metering devices must provide data at least daily and measure the consumption of electricity at least hourly. These devices must be used to the maximum extent practicable. Boland provided hardware and software along with energy analytics and optimization engineering.

Dulles Airport

Boland provided 20,000 tons of Trane EarthWise™ CenTraVac™ Centrifugal Chillers for cooling capacity at Dulles Airport. Currently, Boland provides ongoing preventive maintenance services to Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority at Dulles Airport.

Georgetown University

Boland provided Trane EarthWise™ CenTraVac™ DuPlex Centrifugal Chillers for the central plant at Georgetown University. During construction, Boland supplemented the system capacity through the use of temporary chillers from our Critical Services team.

Washington Monument

One of the most recognizable items in the DC skyline presents a challenge when it comes to air conditioning as none of the equipment is to be visible. The National Park Service selected Trane components for placement in an underground mechanical room to provide chilled water to air handlers in the obelisk.

George Washington University Hospital

This new hospital was built along Pennsylvania Avenue as part of a re-alignment of priorities for the University. Trane chillers were selected due to their reputation for efficient and reliable operation.

Potomac Tower

Potomac Tower is a commercial office building located in Arlington, Virginia. The management agent, Brookfield, was concerned with several issues including aging equipment, efficiency, maintenance and controls. Boland performed an energy audit and provided recommendations for a plan of action. The HVAC self-contained units were upgraded with new DDC controls and VFDs were added to the supply fans.