High-performance buildings require high-performance control systems. Boland's experienced engineers will help you design, install and maintain automation solutions to meet your goals for performance, comfort, efficiency, and sustainability.

Our control solutions can integrate multiple building systems – from any manufacturer or installer – into one comprehensive and customized solution, so you can build upon past investments, meet today's needs and be ready to take advantage of emerging technologies.

Trane Tracer Summit ™

The Tracer Summit system provides building control through a single, integrated system. A building's climate, lighting, energy consumption, scheduling, and other controllable features can all be programmed and managed by Tracer Summit building control units (BCUs).

The system is comprised of BCUs, PC workstations with Tracer Summit software, and unit controllers. A building operator performs system operator tasks using either a PC workstation or the operator display (touch screen) on the BCU. Remote access to the system is available via a modem or an Internet connection with Tracer ES.


Trane Tracer ™ SC

The newest addition to the Trane family of building automation systems.

The Tracer SC is an intelligent field panel that communicates with unit controllers (LON or BACnet) that provide standalone control of HVAC equipment. The Tracer SC scans all unit controllers to update information and coordinate building control, including building subsystems such as VAV and chilled water systems. The LAN allows building operators to manage these varied components as one system using web access.


Trane Tracer ™ ES

The online answer to facility-wide building control.

Tracer ES is a powerful Web-based solution that offers an enterprise management view into all your building control systems.

Tracer ES lets you instantly see all of the BACnet systems throughout your facilities, giving you the power to:

  • Manage multiple buildings as an "enterprise"
  • Respond to unexpected or global events
  • Troubleshoot system problems remotely
  • Track and analyze system data over time

Easy to use and customize, the Tracer ES also:

  • Enables better decision-making
  • Provides easy integration and compatibility
  • Offers superior performance and cost savings
  • Delivers a positive return on investment

Trane Tracer ™ XT

Tracer XT is a scalable software solution specifically designed to integrate, manage and optimize critical processes and systems such as HVAC, power, lighting, safety and more.

Data from stand-alone systems is integrated into a Web-based, single user interface so you can manage energy use and cooling requirements, optimize building performance and enhance business results.

Combining data integration with powerful systems analytics, Tracer XT offers:

  • Connection and interaction with enterprise-wide, real-time and historical data through OPC servers and native device communication drivers
  • Ability to visualize, annotate and analyze process data
  • Trend charts, dials, gauges and data links to visualize data in context
  • "Drill-down" capabilities into detail data
  • Zoom and drill into data for root/cause analysis and annotation
  • System redundancy capability
  • Graphical presentation of data

Boland Tridium line

Integration solutions for legacy systems.

With our Tridium partners, BuildingLogiX and Lynxspring, we can integrate with legacy control systems to provide solutions that protect your investment and provide for future expansion.

Boland and our Tridium partners can integrate your stand-alone control systems quickly and securely into one building automation system.

Through enhanced web-based applications, we can enable the individual components of HVAC, lighting, security, and more, allowing elements from Johnson Controls, Siemens, Honeywell and even obsolete control systems to communicate seamlessly across a single building or an entire campus.


Retrocommissioning, Retrofit Controls, Energy Management, Dashboards, and more...

Over 200 professionals to meet the need of any project.

Boland brings together highly trained Professional Engineers, Certified Energy Managers, LEED AP Certified Engineers, and Local 602 Union members to address the needs of existing buildings. With more than 25 years of controls experience, we have continuously evolved our capabilities beyond that of new construction controls subcontractor.

Working in the existing building market, we've:

  • Provided retro-commissioning to document where buildings fall short system- or energy-wise.
  • Installed new networked direct digital control systems to replace antiquated and obsolete systems, or to provide system control or energy monitoring previously absent.
  • Implemented numerous energy management strategies between our Trane Intelligent Services, Trendviewer, Trane eView, EnergyLogix, and BACbone in addition to energy saving programs like reset strategies, optimization routines, and more.
  • Created energy dashboards to easily view the building's performance using EcoRate, Trane Chiller and Rooftop Unit dashboards, as well as custom-created energy dashboards, depending on the project needs.
  • Implemented complex solutions, including:
    • Wireless pneumatic controls conversion
    • Integration with existing controls systems
    • Wireless DDC Controls
    • VAV Box Conversions
    • Mesh Network