Energy Engineering


Benchmarking energy use in existing buildings is the first step to evaluating opportunities for reducing energy use and costs.  Our Energy Engineers start by using the U.S. EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager tool or Trane’s Energy Analyst software tool to determine a building’s Energy Use Intensity (EUI).  The building’s EUI can then be compared to a database of similar buildings in the same climate region.  Knowing a building uses more energy than the majority of similar buildings is a convincing indicator of available energy savings.


Energy Audits

Identifying opportunities for improving a building’s energy efficiency is best accomplished by physically inspecting, or auditing, the building.  The energy auditor looks for valuable information about building systems, operations and construction that may be opportunities for improved energy performance.  The energy audit may be simply observing and taking notes during a “walk-through” (ASHRAE Level 1 audit) to identify rough costs and savings for Capital Energy Improvement Projects or as complex as electronically logging data on actual building performance, building an hourly simulation of energy use and providing a detailed analysis (ASHRAE Level III audit) for making investment-grade decisions.


Energy Models

Using Trane’s industry standard Trace software tool, our Energy Engineers simulate the effects of various Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) on a building to predict savings goals.  In the hands of our factory trained and experienced Energy Engineers, the modeling tool applies hourly, regional weather data and utility rate data to detailed building models to provide accurate results.  LEED™, utility energy efficiency incentives and tax credits all require energy modeling to assess and quantify the energy savings.  Energy modeling is also used to establish energy baseline data for our Boland Building Analytics and our Boland Energy Dashboard applications that display real-time energy use versus energy performance targets.


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