Quoting from the U.S. EPA’s Energy Star website for Buildings and Plants, “Energy efficiency is the fastest, cheapest, and largest untapped solution for saving energy, saving money, and preventing greenhouse gas emissions.” 

Any building whether old or new can operate inefficiently.  Old equipment and systems no longer operate efficiently or as efficiently as newest models.  Energy management systems may be outdated and not maintained.  Building use is changed from the original design.  New buildings, after only a year or two of operation, are found with equipment running when not needed or forgotten temperature setting overrides.  Benchmarking a building’s energy use intensity is a good indicator that retro-commissioning will pay off.  Retro-commissioning looks for energy efficiency opportunities by a detailed, systematic evaluation of HVAC, lighting, water and electrical systems.  

The retro-commissioning process begins with interviews of key personnel about the building operations and an examination of system documentation followed by an Energy Audit of building systems and the building envelope.  An optional detailed audit records measurements of building operating indicators.  The findings from this information are presented in a formal report with recommendations for no-cost/low-cost improvements and capital-investment improvements, subsequently, leading to the Project Development phase where some or all of the recommendations are fulfilled by Boland’s Project Implementation team.  To ensure the resulting performance improvements are not lost Boland Building Analytics provide for ongoing commissioning.

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