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Water Technologies

Boland Water Technologies help you face today’s HVAC challenges. We understand that more stringent environmental regulations, shrinking fresh water supplies and tighter budgets make it increasingly difficult to operate systems safely and efficiently. We provide water treatment programs designed to maximize your system’s efficiency and reduce electrical consumption.

Cooling Water Treatment Programs

Our cooling water treatment program offers advanced chemical technology with sophisticated feeding and control equipment. We combine these technologies with a computerized water-modeling program and integrate our controller into your building EMS systems, to make sure your system operates at peak efficiency.

Our Green Chemistry Program uses biocides that have earned the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. Our all-organic scale and corrosion inhibitors contain no heavy metals and rapidly biodegrade to harmless byproducts.

Because good filtration is essential for the operational efficiency of your cooling water system, Boland provides a complete line of sand filters, cartridge-type filters and centrifugal separators.

Boiler Water Treatment Program

Boland water treatment programs keep boiler systems free from scale and corrosion while minimizing water and fuel losses. We have 30 years of experience providing treatment systems to protect the entire feedwater, boiler, steam and condensate system. We provide these technologies in formulations approved by the FDA for use in all types of food and beverage processing plants.

Our GPS program takes the guesswork out of boiler system energy management planning. By allowing you to track all the energy flows around the boiler system, you’ll have a clear picture of your energy management ROI to ensure the money is well spent.

Boland provides equipment packages from the simple to the complex for precise boiler blow-down and chemical feed control.

Closed Loop Treatment Program

Boland offers an entire line of closed-loop treatments to defend against closed-loop corrosion, fouling and microbiological growth. Our corrosion inhibitors prevent corrosion to all system metals.

We also offer a complete line of filtration equipment for closed loops, including bags and cartridges capable of removing particles down to less than 0.45 microns.

Legionnaire's Disesase

Tower Risk Management (TRiM) Program minimizes risk in key systems following the recommendations outlines in ASHRAE 188. Take action now and protect your system now by clicking download for your list of action items.

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