Intelligent Services

Intelligence Services is leading the way into a new era of building systems management. Intelligent Services positively impacts productivity, sustainability, occupant comfort, safety, risk management, cost avoidance and the ability to do more with less. This intelligence allows continuous data collection, analysis, and specific recommendations by collecting the data that the building systems produces and translating them into actionable, out-come-oriented recommendations to help make informed organizational decisions. Intelligent services continuously monitors and analyzes the building performance so the moment a need is detected, action is taken to prevent downtime, discomfort and inefficient operations.


  • Optimizes building performance
  • Reduces energy use and environmental footprint
  • Improves systems reliably and uptime
  • Provides 24/7/365 monitoring, fault detection and diagnostics (AFDD)
  • Enables remote troubleshooting and repairs

Sustaining your building efficiency is a continuous process. Intelligent Services is not merely a data gathering, monitoring, and analysis services – but a true intelligent partner, going beyond recommendation to implementation and verification. Boland's Intelligent Service team is committed to maximizing your building performance through an innovative tier of services:

Intelligent Services Active Surveillance Commercial HVAC Continuous Building System Monitoring and Response    Intelligent Services Energy Optimization Commercial HVAC Building Energy Analytics and Optimizations    Intelligent Services Dynamic Commissioning Commercial HVAC Building Facility Systems Overhaul     Intelligent Services Dashboards Energy Analytics Commercial HVAC Building Facility Systems Benchmarkl

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