Trump Hotel - Redeveloping the Historic Old Post OfficeProtecting Over 100,000 Sq Ft of History

You don't have to sacrifice performance and expectations with upgrades or expansions when acquiring and existing building. We custom build your HVAC solution through design software and engineering tools, with actual engineers and energy experts. Integrating a new system after a century.


Trane Air-Fi and Sintesis Earn Reader's Choice AwardTrane Products take Two Awards

Consultings-Specifying Engineer has given Trane two Product of the Year awards for the Trane Sintesis air-cooled chiller and Trane Air-Fi wireless building controls technology. This is a reader's choice award. What the readers know, that you don't.


Boland HVAC Parts & Supplies Centers Offer New Products

Keep Your Space and Money

Wilo is a new product that offers better efficiency, performance and adaptability. Integrated technology streamlines performance and provides monitoring while factory-programmed, packaged systems coupled with compact design simplify installation and retrofits.  Reduce waste; save money.


Emergency Services

Who Has Time to Waste? 

When an emergency happens, you need help right away. Good thing you have Boland by your side. We will show you the why, the how and what to do now. Get back up and running.




Empower Your Email Get the information you need, when you need it.



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