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EP 04: Importance of the Energy Grid For Your Building

Updated: Jul 5

Welcome to our fourth episode of "10 Minutes to a Better Building", a podcast that explores how to get the most out of your building in 10 short minutes. Each week features a subject matter expert that identifies ways you can improve your building, with actionable takeaways.

Today's podcast focuses on the energy grid's importance to your building. Did you know that the HVAC system in commercial buildings accounts for about 40% of the energy bill?

Boland's Service Team Leader, Brendan Dowd, discusses how you are being billed for energy and how your building can help address the changing energy market with smart system designs or retrofits.

Episode takeaways:

1. Understand how you are billed for your building's energy and how to monitor your peak consumption

2. Optimize the features within your facility by finding the best energy option for your building. You might be able to find 10-20% energy savings with a low to no-cost solution

3. Prepare for the future by turning your building into a revenue-generating asset that can reduce demand and the future billing structure of your building simultaneously

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