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EP 05: Keep Your Building Controls Up-To-Date

Updated: Jul 5

Welcome to our fifth episode of "10 Minutes to a Better Building", a podcast that explores how to get the most out of your building in 10 short minutes. Each week features a subject matter expert that identifies ways you can improve your building, with actionable takeaways.

Today's podcast focuses on building controls. A building's HVAC is managed through an automated system commonly referred to as building controls. It directly affects the comfort level which allows you to manage desired set points of your building.

Boland Controls Account Executive, Joey Ponton, goes in-depth about how, when, and why to upgrade your building's controls. HVAC systems typically represent 30% of total building energy consumption in a commercial building. How that system is controlled can be critical for you, in terms of managing operating costs as well as the importance of occupancy comfort.

Episode takeaways:

1. Identify inefficiencies and create a plan to make your building work better for you

2. Learn about the latest building controls updates to optimize your building

3. Understand the value a trusted partner brings to controls upgrades

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