4 Positive Outcomes COVID-19 Has Made on the Environment

Earth Day was celebrated a little differently this year due to the Coronavirus. Instead of taking a hike, or enjoying a national park, we all stayed home. And guess what, it was good for the Earth! Here are 4 positive outcomes COVID-19 has had on the environment!

1. Less Air Pollution

Since social distancing and stay at home orders came in to effect, there have been fewer cars on the roads, airplanes in the sky, and public transportation trips. In addition, a majority of the factories have had no choice but to close down which reduces the amount of pollution coming out of their buildings.

In New York, pollution decreased by almost 50% since the beginning of the stay at home orders were forced.

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2. Less CO2 Emission

Although more domestic energy is being used due to the fact that people are put under lock-down working, commercial energy has decreased. Not many people are going out unless they are going to their essential jobs or essential grocery shopping. About 23% of global carbon emissions because of vehicles out on the road and the constant traveling to and from work. Since the pandemic, it has decreased due to the stay at home orders that have been placed around the country.

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2019 vs. 2020

3. The Earth is Vibrating Less

According to Seismologists at the Royal Observatory of Belgium, they have detected that 30-50% of the ambient seismic noise has decreased since the lockdowns went into effect. This means that it is easier for these experts to listen and detect really small natural events, like earth-quakes for example, and can inform the public in time.

In addition, since the lockdown and the reduction of noise, they have been able to determine that the Earth is vibrating less! How amazing is that?!

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4. Society is Realizing their Bad Habits

According to researchers, they predict that after the pandemic ends, people will be accustomed to the “pandemic lifestyle” which is beneficial to the environment because people will commute less, cut down on wasting food since we currently deal with the shortage due to people buying more than they need. People will be more conscious and thinking twice before they throw leftover food away.

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