Carbon-Cutting Steps to Take Now for Improving the Built Environment

Source:; Alyssa Danigelis

Residential and commercial buildings in the United States are responsible for nearly 40% of the country’s carbon dioxide emissions, according to US Energy Information Administration estimates. As plans around the country emerge to lift some of the closures that were imposed due to the pandemic, national experts see an opportunity to focus on sustainable building.

Keri Taylor, the director of national account services for Trane’s commercial HVAC business in North America, is one of them. She’s worked with numerous building owners and operators for more than a decade, and currently helps companies decrease the carbon footprints of their buildings.

Recently we caught up with Taylor to find out how the pandemic is affecting building plans in the US, and how leaders in the built environment sector can start cutting carbon right now.

How is the pandemic affecting building plans in the United States?

The work-from-home mandate that so many employers and employees have undertaken for the last few months has caused companies to evaluate how much building space they actually need. Many