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EP 14: Finding The Right HVAC Control System For Your Building

Updated: Jul 5

Together, Boland and Lynxspring assist clients to bring them HVAC system solutions that create smart buildings, equipment, and applications for the past 14 years. Their top priority is to bring together connectivity, control, integration, interoperability, data access, and management of the building systems (including HVAC) and equipment in a building.

In episode 14 of the "10 Minutes to a Better Building" podcast, Boland's Account Executive, Katie Kimmel, and Lynxspring's Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Marc Petock, discuss possible HVAC system solutions that fit together to help you to provide the right solutions for your building.

Episode takeaways:

1. Determine which updates you want to make to your building's control systems

2. Beat the need to "rip and replace" when wanting to upgrade to a newer building controls

3. Learn about new technology controls that might be the right solution for your building

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