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EP 17: Understanding Displacement Ventilation and Its Applications

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Indoor Air Quality and Indoor Environment Quality have become such hot topics in our marketplace that you can't talk about how healthy a building is without them. Today, we continue the conversation we started in Episode 3- Making the Most of Your Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) (linked here) and Episode 8- Significance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) To Your Building and Tenants (linked here) by further discussing system design type. A system type refers to the process in which air is introduced and removed from an occupied space.

It's crucial to think about system design types in order to optimize the comfort and well-being of the people in that space and most importantly, to have a system working efficiently and quietly.

We are thrilled to have Einar Frobom, the Director of Sales and Marketing at Carson Solutions, here with us today in partnership with Boland's Executive Vice President, Jerry Scanlan for Episode 17 to discuss Displacement Ventilation. Carson Solutions is a nationwide building solutions provider, designing and manufacturing innovative HVAC equipment, specifically for occupied spaces. Boland is proud to represent Carson Solutions in the DC market.

Episode takeaways:

1. Learn displacement ventilation's functions and features

2. Understand the difference between a displacement ventilation system and a mixed air ventilation system

3. Improve your building's overall experience with better comfort, indoor air quality, acoustics, and less maintenance with Boland's experts

Want to learn more about displacement ventilation? Check out Carson Solution's overview video.

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