How Your Building Can Help You Tackle Your Carbon Reduction Goals

Businesses and governments are working to combat the causes of climate change because the planet is warming at a rate twice as fast as typical levels.

Half of the top Fortune 500 companies have made net-zero or carbon reduction commitments and federal, state and local governments continue to set and expand net zero commitments.

Since buildings consume about 40% of the energy produced by the Unites States, reducing emissions within our infrastructure is key to meeting emission-reduction goals. One way to accomplish this is to partner with an energy services company, like Boland, who knows your buildings, their systems, and your people. Boland will help you develop a plan to achieve your sustainability goals while ensuring the best fit, most cost effective building and technology solutions.

Boland’s team of energy engineers will first help you set a baseline to understand how your building is performing. Then, taking into account your existing conditions and budget, we will work together to set realistic goals and determine a strategy on how to achieve them. We'll work side-by-side with you to establish the appropriate mix of initiatives to achieve your sustainability goals and help you monitor and track your success. We will begin by looking at four main components:

Increasing Energy Efficiency:

Most of our clients are able to find energy saving fixes, both big and small, throughout their building. This can be done by tuning or upgrading Building Automation Systems (BAS’s), installing more energy efficient equipment, making lighting systems more efficient, controlling plug load, and making improvements to the building envelope.

Our Energ