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Remote Services: Run your Building from Anywhere

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

The national emergency resulting from the COVID-19 virus is creating the need for facilities to remotely access and maintain building systems and equipment.  Boland can do this now, and if onsite service is necessary, arm your staff or our technicians with remotely gathered data and information to expedite service and communicate safely.

In addition, Boland can help ensure continuously changing working hours, occupancy, and space usage match your building’s operation, thus reducing operational cost.

Contact your Account Executive or to see if your systems are compatible.

Additional needs addressed by Remote Monitoring:

· Need for employees to have visibility of building systems while working remotely

· Reduced onsite staff to handle issues and address alarms

· Need to continue regularly scheduled maintenance

· Increased criticality of server room HVAC equipment – need for remote monitoring

Don't let COVID-19 be costly to your building:

· Schedule adjustments and sequence tuning to address changes in working hours, occupancy, and space usage change

· Continue to achieve your Sustainability goals

Keep your building under control, safe and efficient with Remote Services.

Save Time and Money with Smart Desk:

In addition to our Remote Services capability, we also are able to offer Smart Desk, which is available to all connected service agreement clients. Smart Desk is powered by Ray Embly, our Remote Building Automation Specialist, who can remotely provide assistance with:

  • Technical questions

  • Minor program changes

  • Scheduling (repairs, new appointments, optimal start/stop timing)

  • Override management

  • Alarming issues

  • Log on and Password issues

  • New user setup assist

  • Equipment control problems

Clients with a Connected Service Agreement may contact the Boland Smart Desk by phone or email during regular operating hours for assistance at (240) 306-3300. We are also available at 7:30 am-5:00 pm EST, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

For more information about Connected Service Agreements, contact your Account Executive or email


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