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Reopen Your Building With Confidence: Energy Checkup

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Be ready for today, resilient for tomorrow.

Businesses in the DMV and beyond are starting to ramp up, with even the District of Columbia currently in Phase Two. A vast majority of local buildings haven't seen full capacity since the end of March 2020, and it will likely be months until buildings are fully staffed again.

Our Energy Checkup will provide insights on how to optimize energy use and reduce energy costs as your building adapts to the "new normal".

What Is An Energy Checkup?

Our Energy Checkup uses your utility interval data to look at pre and post-building operations and transforms the data into 3-D optical energy reports. Then, we partner with you to pinpoint areas of inefficiency and discover opportunities to improve. So you can prepare your building today - and evolve if plans change tomorrow.

A typical Energy Checkup includes:

  • Data-driven, visual tools to measure and track energy consumption

  • Granular analysis of consumption patterns and energy costs over time

  • Actionable recommendations on how to adjust energy consumption to reduce energy costs, improve energy efficiency and drive sustainability

An Energy Checkup Will Help You:

  • Identify anomalies and drive toward operational efficiency

  • Optimize startup and shutdown time

  • Ensure proper equipment scheduling, morning warm up, and optimal stop time

  • Measure and verify new energy conservation measures against a baseline

  • Track and measure efficiency and sustainability progress

Whatever your new game plan is, our Energy Checkup can help you analyze where building assets are performing well and where improvement is needed.

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