Report: Energy Storage in Maryland

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Source: A Publication of the Maryland Power Plant Research Program

This report reviews 'policy and regulatory options for promoting energy storage and its benefits'.

Report includes:

  • An Energy Storage Overview - Learn types of energy storage in the market available to you

  • Costs and Benefits of Energy Storage - Learn trade-offs to consider

  • Status of Energy Storage in Maryland - Learn existing incentives you may qualify for

  • Energy Storage Policies and Initiatives in Other States for Comparison

  • Options and Discussions - Learn regulatory and rate design options so you know where Maryland is headed

Highlights include:

  • This report highlights the better efficiency and lower costs of using thermal storage instead of electrical storage for thermal loads (P. 16, 45, 61).

  • The report goes on to include thermal storage as one for the four predominant method for grid-enabled energy storage (P. 32).

  • Baltimore's downtown corridor utilizes a central thermal system with four interconnected chillers providing off peak cooling for 50 customers, including the Baltimore Convention Center. The system covers 12 million sq ft of space (P. 66).