Stulz - The Benefits of a Local Manufacturer Rep

Did you know Boland is a Stulz manufacturer representative?

Here are some of the fringe benefits that make your job, and life, easier when you buy from a manufacturer representative:

More than just Stulz products are at your selection, all in one place. Get your controls, air handling, water treatment system and additional products all in one place, with one primary point of contact. Don’t waste time dealing with multiple companies who may pass the blame or spend hours on the phone with multiple people. End the headache, get answers, and apply your finite amount of time to other pursuits.

Design help by local engineers is an added benefit. When you work with Boland we have mechanical engineers and the software to help you with any design issues and concerns – locally! You get a dedicated sales team to help you with your project design who knows local codes, restrictions, and considerations.

Installation through local, union service technicians is part of the offering. Don’t just buy the equipment – get the installation done by the same company so transition is smooth. Keep clients happy by eliminating additional wasted time and gaps in communication.

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