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Sustainability at Howard University

Howard University's partnership with Boland not only works to reduce its energy use and enhance sustainability on campus but helps in reducing the energy intensity of the world.

An important step to reducing the energy usage of a building is by looking at the HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and Air Conditioning).

  • Buildings consume about 40% of the energy produced in the United States.

  • A third of a building’s energy use is from HVAC

  • Approximately 15% of the world’s carbon emissions (CO2e) come from the heating and cooling of buildings.

Making a sustainable campus and world, one building at a time

See Boland throughout Howard University's campus as we replace and install more energy-efficient equipment that uses more environmentally friendly refrigerants, add water treatment to every water-cooled building in order to make equipment more efficient and save water, and add Energy Management Systems (EMS) systems to better control the buildings, making them more efficient and comfortable.

Buildings with newly installed, more sustainable HVAC equipment:

  1. Blackburn Center (2 chillers)

  2. Social Works (1) chiller

  3. School of Dentistry (2 chillers)

  4. Chemistry Bldg (1 chiller)

  5. School of Pharmacy (2 chillers)

  6. Ralph Bunche Center ( 1 RTU, VAV Boxes, EMS system)

  7. Law Library (1 chiller)

Buildings with high-tech water treatment:

  1. School of Business

  2. School of Pharmacy

  3. Mackey – Architecture

  4. Locke Hall

  5. Founders Library

  6. Houston Hall

  7. WHUT TV

  8. Stokes Library

Coming soon:

  1. Burr Gymnasium


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