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The Drive Toward Healthier Buildings

Sources: Dynamic Air Solutions, ASID and Dodge Data and Analytics

Building owners and managers have become much more sensitive to problems concerning IAQ. But, according to a report, "The Drive Toward Healthier Buildings 2016," released by Dodge Data & Analytics, that concern is not always shared by architects and contractors who sometimes seem to underestimate their clients desires to create healthier buildings.

For example, the report showed that 75% of building owners want to achieve improved employee/tenant satisfaction by investing in healthier buildings, but only 68% of architects and 51% of contractors see this as a top goal for their clients. The report also states that around half of owners do not know the degree to which they may see financial benefits from creating healthier buildings. This is a prime opportunity for us to fill the void and explain how to achieve healthier buildings through improved IAQ.

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