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Ways to Earn Credit Hours for Your Licenses, Certifications, Designations and Career Growth

The path to maintaining professional licenses, designations and other credentials can add up. If you are looking for resources, like many others, we thought it would be a good idea to compile all education credits in one place - what they are, why you might need them and where to get them.

Download a printable version of this reference guide.

First, let's explore all the acronyms awarded by different organizations:

CE (Continuing Education) Hours

1 hr of training = 1 CE Hour l CE hours are used by USGBC towards LEED designations and Trane Engineers Newsletter Live (ENL) (with accepted credits through USGBC and AIA)

CEU (Continuing Education Units)

1 hr of training = 0.1 CEU l CEU hours are used by state licensing boards for both HVAC technicians and professional engineers, certifications and designations such as

Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and Trane University courses in controls and technical service training

LU (Learning Units)

1 hr of training = 1 LU l LU hours are used by AIA for architect licensing requirements, but are used for other industries and organizations (such as Trane and engineering licensing requirements).

PDH (Professional Development Hours)

1 hr of training = 1 PDH l PDH hours are used for engineering specific programs and often are interchanged with CE hours, such as Trane ENL and AEE CEM programs

How to get hours? There are two ways you can earn hours: online and events or classroom training programs. Here's a handy list of opportunities broken down by type for your convenience and preference. Some organizations require that you are a member to utilize training.

Online Options:


**For ASHRAE's free resources for everyone, make sure to scroll to bottom of link.** **Get free Trane ENL classes as a customer, email us for details.**

Events or Classroom Training Programs:

Boland l Trane University (online and classroom)

ASHRAE Region III Conference l August 17-19 l Roanoke, VA

ERAPPA 2017 Conference l Oct 29 - Nov 1 l Washington, DC

Capital Buildings Engineering & Facility Maintenance Show l Nov 15 l Dulles Expo Center

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