5 Warning Signs Your Glycol System Needs Attention

Updated: Oct 27

By Ben Feeney | October 22, 2021

1) Glycol percentage is too high

Most plant managers know glycol is used for pipe freeze and burst protection, but what happens when glycol percentage is too high or low? Is there a “Goldilocks Zone”

for Propylene or Ethylene glycol percentages?

Most systems operate best when glycol is maintained at around 1/3rd or 33% of system volume. This percentage should protect most systems below freezing. It is important to always follow equipment manufacturer guidelines for recommended glycol percentages.

Glycol should rarely be above 40% by volume. Overfilling a system with glycol causes a steep decline in heat transfer, leading to higher energy bills. This chart represents the heat transfer loss based on glycol percentage. Notice a system filled with 60% glycol may lose almost 25f% heat transfer!

2) Low corrosion inhibitors