Proper and diligent water treatment is not only critical to reducing health and safety risks, it also saves on energy use, overall building costs, and protects the longevity of your HVAC system investment. Call us for the best solution for your facility.


From fouling of cooling tower water to scaling on equipment to the risk of Legionella to building occupants, we provide a holistic approach to water treatment in every building using  ASHRAE and CDC guidelines.

  • Partial water softening system:

    • Recycles higher quality water longer with less drainage

    • Saves between $10K-40K per year on sewer and make up water bills

  • Smart controllers:

    • Alarm e-mails or text messages 

    • Costly tower overflows or stuck bleed valves caught immediately 

    • Electronic corrosion probes measure corrosion rates instantly

    • Cloud-based system provides on-the-go access

  • Solid chemical feeders:

    • No more large bulky chemical drums to deal with

    • Small disks or jars of solid chemicals fit compactly into solid feeder pods

    • Creates a neat and polished look to your mechanical room


Our chemical and lab work supplier is ISO 9001 certified which means that our chemicals are manufactured in ISO compliant labs with high standards for your safety, well-being, and satisfaction. The quality has been rigorously verified so you know your results are accurate and the product you are getting is top quality.


Chemical options include biocides, both oxidizing and non-oxidizing. 

Check out this calcium hardness test tutorial video with Ben Feeney.

Remote Monitoring and Control Systems


You don’t need staff on-site every day to do tests, check readings or chemically treat your water.

Cloud-based platforms allow you to remotely stay on top of your water treatment programs with an internet-connected controller using any computer, smart phone or tablet. 

Check out key features and custom reporting options.



Keep your system running smoothly and efficiently with Boland’s Water Treatment programs; all of which offer advanced chemical technology with sophisticated feeding and control equipment. 

  • Cooling Water

  • Boiler Water

  • Closed Loop Water


Prevent corrosion and calcium scale from settling with the PREDICT computer modeling program. By testing your water we can find the best chemical match for your specific water and system health.

Water Treatment Program
Solid Advantage - Water Treatment


Protect the environment and your building with the Solid program. The Solid program provides all the qualities of an effective liquid water treatment program with the additional advantage of being eco-friendly. 

  • No handling of hazardous liquids

  • Easier to store and handle

  • Minimal spill hazards



Legionella Risk Mitigation Plan - Water Treatment

Legionella bacteria are the cause of Legionnaires’ disease, a severe form of pneumonia. A CDC study found cooling towers to be a prime culprit in Legionnaires’ disease. Reduce your risk by creating a mitigation plan today.

Boland water technology experts will identify your areas of risk, help you establish a responsible team, and determine control points, control measures, control limits. Through monitoring, verification, and validation, your building is protected.