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Case Study: High-Rise Apartment Complex

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

High-Rise Apartment Complex

Takoma Park, MD


A high-rise apartment complex located in Takoma Park, Maryland consulted Boland after facing reliability issues with their chiller. With concerns for their tenants’ comfort, the complex wanted to provide reliable climate-controlled spaces. Boland was able to assess the client's needs, determine different options available, secure grants and cost savings to help finance the upgrades, and find a better option for their energy supply that also helped the complex become more sustainable.


The following solutions were implemented:

  • Secured an electrification grant from the City of Takoma Park to assist with project expenses

  • Completed a chiller overhaul to provide better comfort cooling and reliability

  • Secured a green electricity agreement with an energy broker to provide a better energy rate and thus ensure savings


The Boland team utilized their in-house grant writer to apply for an electrification grant from the City of Takoma Park. Boland obtained a $30,000 grant to help cover a portion of the project cost. This overhaul is anticipated to improve resident comfort and reliability of the cooling system.

In addition to solving the client’s initial comfort concerns, Boland was able to secure a 100% green electricity agreement at an attractive rate with an energy broker for the apartment complex. This project will help the City of Takoma Park meet their Net Zero by 2035 goal, as well as helping Montgomery County and the State of Maryland achieve their carbon reduction initiatives. Overall, this project will reduce 305 metric tons of carbon emissions per year!



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