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Case Study: Market Square North

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Market Square North Washington, DC


Market Square North is a multi-use building which houses office space, retail, restaurants, and a parking facility in Washington, DC. Our client wanted to modernize the building with the industry’s latest building technologies and services, while creating an energy-saving solution focused on sustainability.

Their building desperately needed several upgrades, including their dated and inefficient HVAC System and Building Automation System (BAS). Their BAS was utilizing obsolete equipment to run critical equipment, making it a challenge to achieve their corporate sustainability goals. Secondarily, they also faced stringent IT security requirements to ensure their building network would not be compromised, while enabling modern upgrades like century remote access and BAS data collection.


To meet the challenges described above, Boland designed and implemented the following solution:

  • Upgraded BAS to exceed current standards using Trane Tracer® Ensemble®, replaced obsolete components, and enabled secure remote connectivity

  • Implemented energy optimization strategies to ensure the most efficient operation of HVAC system components

  • Utilized Boland Applied Building Insights (ABI) to apply analytics to continuously improve building performance, as well as remote service systems


  • 26% reduction in electric spend post-project saving approximately $85,000

  • Energy monitoring system providing visibility of HVAC system energy usage

  • Reduced tenant complaints and a better outlook for tenant retention

  • Continuous tuning & tracking via Boland Applied Building Insights (ABI)

  • Potential for Energy Star certification in the future



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