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Historic Church Meets DC BEPS Target with Boland Benchmarking Data Verification Services

Updated: Jul 3

Boland recently completed a third-party data verification project for a historic church in Washington, DC in order to help them comply with energy benchmarking laws enforced by the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE).

Boland identified inaccuracies in the square footage, seating capacity, and operational hours during the verification process. Once the issues were rectified, the building’s Energy Star score jumped 14 points. The main reasons for this were:

  • The building’s actual gross floor area was larger than the value originally entered.

  • The originally entered seating capacity of the main worship area was significantly low.

  • The value originally entered for the floor area used for food preparation was too small.

By ensuring compliance with the benchmarking requirements, Boland helped protect the church’s constrained budget from potential fines. Also, the church significantly exceeded the minimum Energy Star score for worship facilities to ensure compliance with DOEE’s BEPS program.


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