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Connecting Building Performance with Business Results

Connecting Building Performance with Business Results

(Distributed Energy)

Connectivity is the Beginning

With the technology available today, it doesn't make sense to have disparate management and user interfaces for each building subsystem. Start by formally thinking about the best way to integrate separate building systems - from security, to lighting, to irrigation, to heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Finding Value in Integration

To uncover the value in integration and connectivity, it's important to connect building performance with business results. Whatever the chosen key performance indicators may be- from reduced occupant complaints, to improved energy efficiency, to better student test scores- consider how building data can be used to improve these benchmarks.

Consider what is most important in the building: Is it comfort, productivity, efficiency, energy savings, or something else? Make sure there is a clear and unambiguous priority list that is broadly communicated within the organization. This helps align goals and metrics to ensure IoT efforts aren't just a fad.

The true promise is how it will help customers be more productive and how it will make buildings last longer and be more reliable.


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