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EP 35: Unlock a Major Key to Upgrade Your Building- Grants and Financing

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

A grant is a funding opportunity from the government or private foundational sources. Grants are created to serve specific funding avenues, goals, and guidelines. This is essentially free money, which means it doesn't have to be paid back. The only stipulation is that you use the funds according to the intended purpose of the grant. There are three kinds of grants: competitive, non-competitive, and formulary.

Bri Widmoyer, Optimization Engineer at Boland, joins host, Tyler Kern, to discuss how grants can assist in finding a way to upgrade your building that could be very costly if paid out of pocket.

Questions that will be answered during this episode:

  1. Where can you learn about grants applicable for buildings?

  2. What is the process of receiving a grant?

  3. How are these grants awarded?

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