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EP 38: What Can Your Open Control System Do for You?

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

When choosing a Building Automation System (BAS), one of the biggest considerations is whether it is an open control system or not. Open control systems use an open protocol, such as BACnet, that allows the control system and building owner to use different applications, products, and service providers throughout the lifecycle of the control system.

Building owners must determine how they want to bridge all their systems together. Using an open system allows for a scalable solution when looking to make data-informed decisions, set alarms, and reach building goals. Once you have a scalable open control system, you gain a lot of visibility and insight over your facility.

On this week's episode, Matt Hinkle, Controls Technician, and Katie Kimmel, Controls Account Executive, look at some of those benefits, including:

  • Accessing your building remotely to troubleshoot

  • Continuous commissioning and improved building performance

  • Analytics that allow you to make data-backed decisions on the health of your building

  • Enterprise management solutions that empower your workforce with more efficient tools

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