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Free Trial of the Recently Released Trane Trace 3D Plus Version 4 Software Download

Cloud Functionality Produces Significantly Faster Simulation  New Step-by-step guided wizard experience for LEED and ASHRAE 90.1 makes keeping up with the ever-changing world of codes and standards easier than before New Automated fan calculations and libraries help demonstrate code compliance or performance ratings using ASHRAE 90.1 Simultaneous calculation & comparison of up to 20 alternatives Comprehensive energy modeling & economic analysis Demonstrates best options for carbon, renewable energy & cost savings
High Performance 3D Modeling for Sustainability

Trane's latest TRACE® 3D Plus Version 4 updates address industry regulation, sustainability and building modeling complexities with a spectrum of new features designed to make this complex process easier to understand, faster to create, and less error prone.

Visit the Download section below to begin the V4 update or to learn more about the features, including:

  • New! Undo/Redo capabilities in the building drawing canvas, saving significant time correcting complex building creation mistakes

  • New! Enhanced standards guide includes fully integrated documentation with updated codes and standards, making it even easier for customers to walk step-by-step through the baseline creation process

  • New! Automated fan calculations and library updates utilize ASHRAE® 90.1-2016, demonstrating adherence to performance ratings and code compliance

  • Updated! Cloud-driven data sweep analytics capabilities help users understand models faster and at a deeper level, visually and dynamically analyze the complex relationships between model input parameters and key performance metrics and turn massive amounts of model data into useful knowledge

  • Improved! Library filtering, viewing and selection options for better model creation efficiency and reduced chance for input errors


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