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Have a 'Plan B' for your Building? Prepare a Contingency Plan with Boland Rental Services

As a building owner, it is important to have a plan in place in case something unexpected happens. Boland Rental Services works with you to create a contingency plan ready to execute so you are better prepared in case of an emergency.

Below is a quick and easy 7-step plan to get started:

Step 1: Assess your building’s emergency requirements

As your partner, we will assess and determine the requirements needed, so your building is prepared and properly equipped. One of our specialists will be assigned to your account to come on-site and meet with you or your team.

Step 2: Identify the potential causes of system failures

Our experts will do a site visit to determine points of possible system failure and offer recommendations for emergency planning.

Step 3: Conduct a critical system audit

While evaluating your building, we will conduct a critical system audit and propose a financial recommendation to determine what is necessary to include in your contingency plan.

Step 4: Assess the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) climate control and recommendations

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and precision climate controls are crucial for tenant comfort and health. We offer a fact-based assessment that includes recommendations on how to improve your building’s indoor environmental quality.

Step 5: Identify your building’s potential failure points

Our team of experts can help you identify potential outages and interruptions that you might not see now. We offer the cost impact probability of such occurrences and system downtime.

Step 6: Consider the need for rental equipment and services

We can help you document all your building’s equipment, access their operating conditions, power availability, electrical connections, and more. With this data, we can determine your system's weaknesses that need to be addressed by priority and include this in your contingency plan.

Step 7: Develop your HVAC contingency plan

You have more than our Rental Services team when you work with us on a contingency plan. You get our team of mechanical engineers, energy engineers, controls experts, water treatment experts, and the largest fleet of commercial HVAC technicians in the DMV - available 24/7.

To learn more, visit our Rental Services page, here.

Our professionals can source and install equipment anytime, anywhere! Contact us today: (800) 552-6526.


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