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How Dynamic’s Indoor Air Quality Solutions Optimized Three Healthcare Facilities

Updated: Jul 3

Higher air quality levels are required for medical equipment and are pivotal for patient comfort and wellness in medical facilities. However, providing contaminant-free air has generally increased energy, operational, and maintenance costs.


For over 35 years, Dynamic has provided innovative, effective, and cost-saving control of all phases of indoor air quality (IAQ) while using up to 2/3 less energy. Below are some examples of how their expertise and experience have enabled medical centers and hospitals around the world to improve IAQ, reduce their carbon footprint, and decrease life cycle costs:

1.    Ellis Hospital | Schenectady, NY

Vehicle exhaust emissions were entering fresh air intakes at a primary patient pick-up and drop-off point, causing complaints from patients and staff. Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems were installed in the air handling units to filter indoor return air and incoming ventilation air.


As a result, the odors were eliminated, and the filter has a service life of many years instead of a few months. Read more here.


2.    Firelands Regional Medical Center | Sandusky, OH

While replacing three 24-year-old critical air handling units, the owner of Firelands Regional Medical Center had goals to exceed the minimum MERV rating, minimize odors for ambient sources, improve upon unreliable electronic filtration, extend media life, and reduce costs. Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning and Sterile Sweep Germicidal UVC Systems were installed in the air handling units.


After installation, Firelands Regional Medical Center accomplished all their goals and received the 2010 HealthGrades Patient Safety Excellence Award™, ranking in the top 5% of all U.S. hospitals. Read more here.


3.    Hospital Viamed Santa Angela de la Cruz | Seville, ES 

In collaboration with a Spain-based energy management company, the hospital owners conducted a comparative study to measure energy savings using Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems. The study used two identical AHUs serving similar operating rooms and usage for one month.


During the 30-day period, the AHU with the Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System showed savings that represented a 45.6% reduction in energy consumption. Average daily energy consumption was 55% lower during normal operating room hours and 12% lower during non-use times. Read more here.



Contact Boland’s team of experts to find the best Dynamic solution for your building:


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