New: Mitsubishi CITY MULTI® Diamond Designer Seminar

Updated: May 10, 2019

March 11, 2019

We are excited to bring another class to our new VRF Training Center.

Upcoming dates for the one-day CITY MULTI® Diamond Designer Seminar:

May 20 (Click to Register)

Course Descriptions:

Diamond Designer Seminar teaches, through the use of interactive activities, how to properly design and apply CITY MULTI VRF system applications. The attendee will learn to differentiate between the different CITY MULTI systems, proper applications of these systems, the energy usage of cost comparisons of using the CITY MULTI systems. The class culminates with the student designing a system using the Design Tool software, Diamond System Builder (DSB).


 Recall the entire CITY MULTI product line and be able to differentiate between R2, WR2, Y, WY, H2i, & S

 Recall the entire CITY MULTI controls network and illustrate the correct unit by application

 Demons