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Power of Prediction: Vibration Analysis

Power of Prediction

Vibration analysis is a predictive maintenance tool that can help you avoid costly repairs. Vibration analysis should be part of your service agreement for all centrifugal and helical rotary chillers. Periodic tests can identify impending problems caused by imbalance, wear, or misalignment by providing the vibration “signature” for each piece of rotating equipment. The savings in major repairs can be substantial.

How Vibration Analysis Works

Initial vibration data is recorded at the factory and after start-up at the

job site. Subsequent readings are taken based on a run-time schedule.

These readings are compared with a data library to reveal changes in

the vibration signature. A standard data analysis system is used too quickly pinpoint the likeliest sources of the problem.


Vibration analysis:

-Helps avoid catastrophic breakdowns, this reduces both costs and stress on the operating personnel and tenants

-Improves equipment efficiency

-Reduces unnecessary breakdowns

-Quickly identifies existing mechanical defects to avoid misdiagnosis and possible costly service

-Increases machinery safety

-Prolongs equipment life

Part of a Predictive Maintenance Plan

A trained Boland technician can properly recognize mechanical defects in the early stages by comparing normal or acceptable levels of vibration with periodic readings of equipment and by trending the data. The technician can plan the proper maintenance schedule to reduce the risk of equipment failure.Because each mechanical defect generates vibration in a unique way, the faults can be isolated, identified, and addressed during scheduled service well in advance of failure.

How Boland Services Can Help

We can assist you by identifying which pieces of equipment are candidates for vibration analysis and data collection. Our extensive library of standard, factory-tested vibration signatures will help you fill gaps in your existing data. We can also help you: develop a schedule for periodic follow-up checks, file information, and analyze the data as it becomes available. We are always ready to work with you to perform necessary equipment service and to provide parts or replacement equipment.

Need more information or ready to schedule an analysis


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