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Prevent Cooling Tower Fires

Don’t risk health and safety in the work environment or your company’s good standing in the marketplace from a single cooling tower. While Legionella is making headlines, your cooling tower still poses a threat, even while ‘offline’ in the winter months. Don’t make the headlines!

Cooling towers are part of a large system, containing several types of materials and parts. From plastics to fan and motors to wood and basins, there are many components within the system that can cause a fire hazard. Debris and maintenance are the main contributors to cooling tower problems, during all seasons.

Chemical testing is not needed during winter months, and this is a good time to focus on overall maintenance of your system. Here’s a quick checklist for good system maintenance and to prevent fires and deterioration after seasonal draining and sanitization.

  • Clean, adjust and/or replace physical, mechanical, and electrical components as needed, such as:

  • Re-coat tubes if needed.

  • Order necessary supplies and chemicals for spring start-up.

  • Review records and adjust/check sensors, alarm settings and calibrate controls if needed.

  • When system goes live, run sequence testing and control loops to achieve stability.


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