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Q&A: The Biggest Challenges Facing Data Centers

Is Your Data Center as Smart as Your Data

June 2017 Source: Bisnow From ensuring new data centers meet ever-changing energy codes to retrocommissioning older buildings, HVAC tech experts require, as Liam Neeson would put it, a particular set of skills. Bisnow sat down with Boland's senior account executive and former senior project developer, Garay Goglio, to touch on what it takes to keep data centers up and running.

BISNOW: What do you look for when benchmarking a data center’s need for retrocommissioning, and what are the benefits?

GOGLIO: Most data centers are commissioned when built, but as time goes by, needs change. You’re talking about a building that’s been in use for a minimum of five years. The client might start noticing changes in the operation or efficiency of the building or experience a spike in their energy bills. The benefits of a retrocommissioning include improving space conditions to meet new needs; maintaining and improving uptime and reducing energy use.

BISNOW: What would you say to a data center building owner who is hesitant to pay for Intelligent Services knowing that their property would benefit from them?

GOGLIO: Intelligent Services are an inexpensive way to ensure peace of mind. It all boils down to the owner's business or their ability to do business, in the case of data centers. If there is a loss of power due to cooling or other infrastructure issues, the data center cannot operate. Without the data center, business operations come to a halt. Intelligent services not only keep things running but also alert key personnel of potential issues before they happen. Additionally, the cost of intelligent services is easily recoverable once installed. Typically, our clients are putting money back in their pockets in less than a year.


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