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It’s time to upgrade!

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Make your building a stronger asset for your organization with Tracer® SC+ building automation system and Tracer® Ensemble™ enterprise building management system.

Today you need your buildings to be the best they can be. Tap into your building’s hidden potential, whether your business requires a management system for one building or multiple buildings, to be more comfortable, sustainable, and influential to your mission.

Tracer® technology makes the connections between technology and people more intuitive, secure, and complete.

  • Compatibility - broad support for the most common devices and software to support you where and how you need to use the system.

  • Security - continuously updated to protect one of your most important business assets.

  • Productivity - ongoing improvements that drive productivity for building operators.

  • Energy & Comfort enhancements - opportunity for the most up-to-date strategies to provide comfort to all occupants in an energy-efficient manner.

Tracer® SC+

Tracer® SC+ offers secure remote access for users as well as ongoing optimization opportunities for their buildings. Tracer Synchrony™ offers full, intuitive system access, and productivity enhancements for facility managers and service technicians.

Tracer® Ensemble™ Cloud

Tracer® Ensemble™ Cloud is a building management system offered as software as a service (SaaS), that is managed by Trane. It’s an option that connects to your systems but doesn’t require you to have a server or IT support.

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