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Trane Answers Supply Chain Crunch on CRAC Units

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Author: Trey Eaton

Data center cooling and computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units are essential to enabling the next generation of internet speeds and performance in our technology-enabled world. And that means these data centers need their equipment ASAP when needs and demands change, despite supply chain management issues, supply chain disruptions, and the supply chain crisis at large.

Trane partners with a local manufacturer providing industry-leading lead times for large HVAC data center equipment and HVAC design solutions making them stand out from other manufacturers with much longer lead times (which can win you a job with strict turnaround deadlines). Contact one of our sales reps (or your sales rep at Boland) for specifics at

At Boland, we not only provide Trane products, but a whole portfolio of building system solutions that include ventilation and air handling options, building automation systems/controls from Trane to Tridium, energy storage products, water treatment services, 24/7 rental services, and a dedicated team of energy engineers that help you meet smart building objectives and sustainability goals for your design.

Give us a call to discuss your design challenges or building needs today, at (240) 306-3000 or send an email to

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