Welcome Aboard to our New 2021 Helpers

Starting a new career in any industry is an exciting journey with plenty of unknowns along the way. Choosing the right company, with seasoned mentors provides for a healthy, rewarding, and successful profession.

We are happy to welcome aboard a new season of helpers into the HVAC and Water Treatment industry. Hear first hand why they joined, and get a little insight into the person behind the face.

Water Treatment Helper:

David Heisler

"I wanted to work for Boland because of all the great things I've heard about the company and people who work here."

Fun Fact: David is a river guide during the summer

Service Team Helpers:

Cody Below

"I decided to apply for Boland as I was getting out of the service and looking for a job with a good environment and something different. Had a family member mention the company, so I looked it up and applied."

Fun Fact: Swam in the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

Colin Gallagher

"I thoroughly enjoy the nature of challenging work: problem-solving, communication, and the feeling of accomplishment when a task is finished. Working together as a team is critical in this field of work and special bonds are formed with your coworkers after a project is completed. I sought to join a company with this similar approach and looked no further when I heard about Boland."