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Why Trane® Design Assist™ is the Ultimate Simplified Control System Design Platform

Source: Trane

Building automation system connections are crucial when thinking about designing those modern features into a building to have control at your fingertips. Trane® Design Assist™ is a collaborative design tool that has been proven to be a best practice when it comes to control strategies. The engineer has the ability to customize to the preferred design that works best for the needs of the building.

This platform provides:

  • Simplicity to customize project items

  • Scaling the design options to fit needs

  • Adaptability to all markets from data centers to retail stores

  • Specific code requirements and users' evolving needs

Trane® Design Assist™ is a secret advantage to have when dispatching design documentation. Boland can guide and assist when figuring out what features you need to successfully design your building. Call our team of experts today: (240) 306-3000.

View the video below to learn more:


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