Today, Boland is at the cutting edge of innovative technologies and building advancements. Boland leads the industry in building controls, intelligent services, and energy solutions. But how did we get here?

  • Today


    2020 marks Boland's 60th year in the business of making buildings better. To celebrate, we asked our associates what our company and industry looked like 60 years ago and predict what it will look like in the next 60 years. 

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  • Best Places to Work


    We have been named a Best Place to Work in Washington, DC 11 times. Our average employee has been with the company 10 years. 


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  • 50th Anniversary 


    In 2010, Boland celebrates 50 years in the business. Our "history video" commemorates where we've been as we continue to focus on the future.

  • Jim Boland Named President


    Jim Boland is named the President of Boland. He continues to run the company today according to our tradition of high professional standards, quality products, and outstanding customer service. 

  • Leading in LEED: Nationals Stadium


    Supporting energy-efficiency as well as a national pastime, Boland plays a pivotal role in making the Washington Nationals Stadium the first LEED-certified green major professional sports stadium in the United States. 

  • Boland Makes DC Green


    Building owners seeking to create healthy and energy-efficient environments partner with Boland. By measuring a building’s energy profile in a way that transforms data into meaningful information, Boland is able to develop a plan that achieves energy goals, relative to a specific business.

  • Boland Cares


    “Even with all the changes in our industry over the last 20 years, certain fundamental philosophies remain the same. It’s a relationship business that is dependent on interpersonal relations. Although often said, it is still true that a customer doesn’t care how much you know until he or she knows how much you care.”

    -Louis J Boland 

  • Continuous Improvement


    “Today, more than ever, the successful manager must be a change seeker - always having a constructive discontent with existing practices. An organization without change seekers will become rigid and atrophied” – Louis J Boland


    He understands in 1967 what would make Boland the industry leader for the next 50 years.

  • Service Department


    Lou believes he can do more in customer service and equipment maintenance, so he seeks the best service technicians in the area to help serve the community. Lou hires the first service technician, Vern Hruska. He works at Boland for 50 years prior to retiring before his 90th birthday!

  • Our Beginnings


    Lou Boland sees the need for building solutions and HVAC equipment in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Understanding that companies succeed when they work in a comfortable building, he establishes Boland – a Trane franchise.

  • Navy Career


    "In 1954, I was nearing the end of my first tour of duty. There were two growth industries: computers and air conditioning.” - Lou Boland

    Lou attended Trane's Graduate Training Program in 1954.


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