We can help you find the best way to finance your facility equipment or energy upgrade with our extensive network of financing options and providers.

  • Allocating utility savings to finance energy upgrades without increasing your budget
  • Whether to use available capital funds or finance a project over time
  • Applying for financing vehicles available to private, non-profit and governmental entities

These financing vehicles include:

Contract Vehicles

  • General Services Administration - Federal Supply Schedule (GSA) This contract includes HVAC maintenance and repair; professional services including Project Engineering, Project Management and Project Administration, and supplying parts. For more information on GSA contracts contact us.
  • Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA’s) Boland has several BPA’s in place that allow for construction and service work. The benefit is that these contracts include cooperative purchasing provisions that allow for other municipal clients to benefits from these contracts, thus enjoying efficiency in procurement.
  • US Communities added Trane for HVAC Products, Installation, Services & Related Products and Services. This includes high performance systems, industry leading building controls and automation as well as energy management and services. Details of partnership, including details of the solicitation and contract documents, can be found at the US Communities website
  • Healthcare Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s) Through Trane, Boland has access to key GPO associations including MedAssets, Premier, and Novation.For more information on GPO contracts email Steve Beatrice at or visit:
  • Maryland-PACE requires 0% down and allows long payback periods.  Owners also get full realization of tax credits- including solar ITC and accelerated depreciation benefits. Plus, all PACE projects are cash flow positive and accessible to those with Non-Investment Grade Credit.  Finance your project now.

Federal, State and Utility Incentives

Boland can help you apply for incentives that can pay up to 50% of a project, reducing the required capital outlay or financing required.

  • The utility incentives for BGE, Dominion, PEPCO, Potomac Edison, and SMECO are updated and will run until December 2017, except Dominion which will continue through December 2018. The utility programs are similar to those from previous years. The available amounts for each incentive and additional material are available through your account representative.

             BGE      PEPCO      Dominion     Potomac Edison      SMECO

  • Federal and State Energy Efficiency Upgrade Tax Credits: We’ll investigate which tax credits may apply for your equipment/energy upgrade project, including Building Automation Upgrade projects.

                Energy Tax Incentives for Virginia          

                Energy Tax Incentives, Grants and Loans for Maryland          

                Energy Rebates for DC

  • Qualifying Energy Conservation Bonds (QECBs:  An option for governmental and non-profit entities with bond issuance authority, QECBs are qualified tax credit bonds in which the bond issuer only pays back the principal (face value) of the bond and the bond holder receives a federal tax credit.
  • Bank Financing: Our experienced bank partners are knowledgeable in the facility/energy efficiency arena and can help you explore numerous financing options, including:

Tax Exempt Lease Purchase Agreement (maybe off balance sheet, depending on accounting regulations final outcome)

  • Regular Lease Purchase Agreement
  • Capital Lease
  • Operating Lease
  • Revolving Loan Funds
  • Boland Credit Application
  • Parklawn Credit Application


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