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Discover what is possible in your building.

Building Performance


Insights that drive business outcomes

Building Performance analyzes data and equipment behavior in the context of the overall system to see what’s happening in your building. Unleash the power of building data to uncover hidden information leading to knowledge about opportunities for improvement.

Energy Optimization

Transform data into intelligence

  • Easily identify inefficient HVAC systems and reduce energy consumption

  • Make better use of resources through focused services

  • Track energy consumption and operational savings

  • Reduce wear and tear on equipment through optimized runtime


Get a clear picture of performance — and drive measurable results

Energy Performance is a cloud-based building energy management system (BEMS) designed to uncover energy waste in every corner of your building. Discover hidden savings opportunities with aggregated building energy data, followed by ongoing assessments by Boland building professionals.

Harness your building’s data and see potential savings with:

  • Tracking and reporting

  • Energy analytics

  • Spectral analysis

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Energy Performance


Visualize the potential in your building

An Energy Assessment identifies how a building uses energy, which provides a baseline of performance to show the potential for improvements and progress. Our building professionals utilize advanced tools to visualize and measure your building’s energy profile and transform that data into meaningful information.

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Make the invisible, visible 

  • Trane Energy Optics transforms building data into detailed, 3-D optical energy reports

  • Trane Energy Analyzer visualizes building energy use to compare it with peer buildings to find efficiency opportunities

Energy Assessment


Take a proactive approach to buying energy

Your energy supply has a large impact on your bottom line. Energy procurement can go a long way toward ensuring your operation’s success and you have a lot of choices in today’s energy buying market. We will work with our partner, Zentility, to make sure you are taking a proactive approach to buying energy and in turn better controlling your costs.

Hit the easy button on energy procurement

  • Effectively manage your energy costs

  • Identify money saving opportunities

  • Support Scope 2 emission mandates

  • Receive data-driven insights to guide decisions

  • Streamline the end-to-end procurement process

  • Organize energy documents, bills, and contracts

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Energy Procurement


Energy storage is like a battery for your building. It uses standard cooling equipment, plus an energy storage tank to shift all or a portion of a building's cooling needs to off-peak, nighttime hours.

Energy Storage

Utilize thermal energy storage to:

  • Gain flexible control

  • Store emergency cooling or redundancy

  • Increase resiliency

  • Future proof smart grid preparedness

Energy Storage
2024 Sustainability Plan.jpg

Boland's 2023 Annual Sustainability Report

Take a look at how we're making an impact on our industry, community, and beyond.

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