To celebrate our 60 years in business, we asked our associates to reminisce what our company and industry looked like 60 years ago and predict what it will look like in the next 60 years. 

  • The Industry

    When air conditioning first hit the market, energy was cheap. Machines were run nonstop. In the 1970s when OPEC emerged the need was created for efficiency and management of expenses. This led to controls in the industry, and now we've moved beyond that with building diagnostics and intelligence.


    The industry is set for the future with energy and intelligence that are bound to change the course of buildings. This will affect how buildings operate, how they are built and what they do - not just efficiency but specialization baed on schools being optimal for a students learning environment and healthcare facilities critical to disease control and helping clients recover more quickly or allowing data centers to operate more quickly with higher capacity. We have those capabilities.

    Jim Boland

  • Products

    In 1960, John Adams, a recent college graduate in engineering, was the first sales man.  Carrier and York were the dominant brands in town for the commercial and institutional buildings.  Lou Boland decided to focus on apartment buildings and schools. 


    Today, with over 20 Sales persons in Design and Construction, we are a market leader. 


    It’s hard to imagine what it will be like in 60 years.  I would expect the boundaries between home and work would continue to morph, perhaps providing better use of conditioned space; and, the conditioning indoor environments will have diminished effects on the environment.

    Jerry Scanlan

  • Sustainability 

    In 1960, sustainability was a word that defined our products for having the ability to last for 25 years and systems that could be upgraded easily.

    Today, sustainability means addressing climate change. With our powerful innovation, our strong customer focus, and our leading brands. We stand ready to address climate challenges to create a more sustainable world.

    Julie Wolfington

  • Service

    In 1960, Vern Hruska was the one and only service technician. It was an innovative step to add a service arm to a product company.

    Today, we have more than 150 technicians specialized in a robust product market, as well as a remote help desk. 

    60 years from now, I predict that remote services will be very common.

    Jerry Taylor


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