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Boland leverages HVAC technologies and decarbonization solutions for the built environment to benefit the client and the planet. 

Deliver Value for Your Organization While Meeting Environmental Sustainability Commitments

Buildings account for approximately 39% of the United States' CO2 emissions. In a typical office building, HVAC accounts for 30-50% of the energy bill. Boland is your ideal building decarbonization partner because of our deep energy and HVAC knowledge, combined with our local knowledge of your unique building, people, and mission.

By taking on all aspects of an energy reduction initiative, Boland frees your organization to focus on the business at hand. We deliver individualized, right-sized, and forward-looking energy solutions, validating your successes and arming you with data throughout.

Improve efficiency while creating comfortable and attractive spaces

Maximize your long-term success and minimize overall investment 

Prepare for regulations that address a changing energy landscape

Reduce energy costs along with your carbon footprint

Make impactful and scalable facility improvements



Lower your carbon footprint AND your operating costs

Whether policy, regulations, or your own ESG goals are motivating your building to change, Boland can help. Boland will work with you to create a comprehensive decarbonization plan, tailored to your unique building and business objectives, that meets your goals.


  • Decarbonization Planning: Our team of policy and incentive experts ensure forward-looking strategies that account for local regulations, timelines, and incentives to optimize affordability with your business objectives, schedule, and budget. We standardly calculate GHG reductions for every energy services project, encompassing everything from energy efficiency enhancements to refrigerant transition planning and beyond.

  • Energy Services Projects: Leverage cutting-edge product advancements, energy modeling, system design, installation feasibility, and long-term maintenance requirements to ensure sustained efficiency throughout the building's lifecycle, validated through ongoing monitoring and data verification.

  • Refrigerant Transition: Navigate refrigerant phase-down regulations, plan low GWP alternatives, ASHRAE 15 compliance, minimize the effects of refrigerant leaks, worry-free compliance with EPA Section 608, and explore refrigerant migration options.

  • Electrification: Our team can help you explore and implement electrified heating solutions, natural gas phase-out planning, and all-electric new construction.

  • Renewable & Energy Supply Services: Our partnership with Zentility ensures the best utility rate in deregulated markets. We can also help with carbon RECs and transitioning to a 100% renewable supply contract.

  • BEPS and Benchmarking Services: We'll ensure that your building achieves and maintains compliance over time as local, state, and federal regulations change. We assist with energy benchmarking and data verification as an Approved District Data Verifier, energy dashboard and analysis, and connected services for efficiency monitoring.

  • Financial Analysis & Services: Ensure lowest first-cost project possible by utilizing available incentives, rebates, tax credits or deductions, and/or formula or competitive grants to reduce your overall cost of ownership.


2024 Sustainability Plan.jpg

Boland's 2023 Annual Sustainability Report

Take a look at how we're making an impact on our industry, community, and beyond.



Vertical: Government

Challenge: A campus-wide audit of lighting systems revealed numerous types of inefficient fluorescent and metal halide lighting systems. Not only were the current lighting fixtures inefficient, but they were also negatively affecting the overall Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) of the building.

Solution: Boland retrofitted and replaced all lighting fixtures using state-of-the-art LED lighting systems from Cooper Lighting Solutions. The system includes advanced lighting controls using the Cooper WaveLinx Control System and Trellix. The Trellix system was fully integrated to the Trane Tracer® Ensemble Building Automation System (BAS).

Results: The integrated lighting & BAS solution will allow the facilities staff to change schedules to reflect current usage raise and lower light levels in individual areas, and improve their overall productivity since the standardization of fixtures will extend operating life and reduce the need for inventory of replacement bulbs, parts, and fixtures.

Read more about Berkeley County's sustainability efforts here.

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