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Buildings account for approximately 39% of the US’s CO2 emissions. In a typical office building, HVAC accounts for 40-50% of the energy bill. With Boland’s foundation of deep energy and HVAC knowledge, combined with our local knowledge of your unique building, people, and business, we are your ideal partner to develop the best building solution to meet your sustainability and operational goals.



Building Performance analyzes data and equipment behavior in the context of the overall system to see what’s happening in your building. Unleash the power of building data to uncover hidden information leading to knowledge about opportunities for improvement.

  • Easily identify inefficient HVAC systems and reduce energy consumption

  • Track energy consumption and operational savings

  • Reduce wear and tear on equipment through optimized runtime

  • Receive quarterly, monthly, or annual energy metrics and reporting 

  • Collaborate with our energy experts to determine your goals and create a phased action plan to succeed 

  • Easily update your building strategy as corporate sustainability and energy goals change 


Berkeley County Judicial Center.jpg

Vertical: Government

Challenge: Berkeley County Judicial Center needed to reduce and better align energy expenses after a decrease in tax revenue. It was crucial to find a solution that could be easily tracked, monitored, and reported on to make sure the new improvements were paying off.

Solution: Adjusted Building Automation System (BAS) schedules to better mirror the occupancy and use levels of the building. Additionally, added occupancy sensors to low-use areas in order to minimize unnecessary energy consumption.

Results: Building Performance reports allowed Berkeley County Judicial Center to confidently track the positive progress of their building improvements, as well as prove the financial results of these improvements. All without additional work on either party’s end.


Boland's 2022 Annual Sustainability Report

Take a look at how we're making an impact on our industry, community, and beyond.


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