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EP 03: Make the Most of Your Indoor Environmental Quality

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Welcome to our third episode of "10 Minutes to a Better Building", a podcast that explores how to get the most out of your building in 10 short minutes. Each week features a subject matter expert that identifies ways you can improve your building, with actionable takeaways.

Today's podcast focuses on Indoor Environmental Quality, which has been a leading conversation in the industry as building owners prepare to have their tenants re-enter their buildings.

Boland's Executive Vice President, Jerry Scanlan, discusses why Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is so important to your building and its occupants.

Episode takeaways:

1. Discover how your building's indoor environment impacts your building's overall energy consumption

2. Learn the four elements that makeup IEQ and how they impact occupant comfort:

- Lighting

- Acoustics

- Indoor Air Quality

- Thermal Comfort

3. Address COVID-19 concerns you may have about your building's IEQ, like "is my building safe for the people that are in my building?"

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