A New Solution For Obsolete HVAC Units

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Source: Bisnow | Writer: Julia Troy, Bisnow

High-quality HVAC systems are built to last for decades. Technology, however, does not always stand the test of time.

“HVAC systems often outlive the technology they were designed to support,” said Rick LeFrancois, Emerging Technologies Leader at Boland, a commercial HVAC company. “A Trane Self-Contained Unit that was installed in 1988 might still be kicking, even as the building went through two renovations. Retrofitting these systems to keep up with new technology can be a major challenge.”

Rather than send clients on a hunt for vintage replacement parts or forcing them to purchase an entirely new system, Boland has created an option to upgrade the system in place.

The Self-Contained Control Upgrade is a solution that allows building owners to upgrade their decades-old HVAC unit controls seamlessly.

Bisnow: What inspired Boland to create the Self-Contained Control Upgrade?

LeFrancois: This unit is designed to last 25 years. The electronics industry, however, is built on change, and as the decades pass, tech companies stop making certain parts. Once those parts are gone, you can’t find replacements.