Air Cleaning Systems that Combat Airborne Threats

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Sources: Trane, Genesis Air, Dynamic Air, Consulting-Specifying Engineer

At a time where working to stop the spread of a virus is a primary global goal, it is good to know how your building can help mitigate risks with air cleaning systems and filtration.

First, do you have an air cleaning or filtration system? The short answer, is yes. All HVAC systems have some type of air cleaning capability.

Why is air cleaning a part of your system?

1) Protect equipment from accumulating debris

2) Reduce quantity of air contaminants inside a building

What are the contaminants and debris that exist inside the walls of a building? Commonly, they are dander, pollens, gases, spores, skin flakes, bacteria, smoke, cell debris… and viruses.

Figure Source: Trane