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Air Cleaning Systems that Combat Airborne Threats

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

At a time where working to stop the spread of a virus is a primary global goal, it is good to know how your building can help mitigate risks with air cleaning systems and filtration.

First, do you have an air cleaning or filtration system? The short answer, is yes. All HVAC systems have some type of air cleaning capability.

Why is air cleaning a part of your system?

1) Protect equipment from accumulating debris

2) Reduce quantity of air contaminants inside a building

What are the contaminants and debris that exist inside the walls of a building? Commonly, they are dander, pollens, gases, spores, skin flakes, bacteria, smoke, cell debris… and viruses.

Figure Source: Trane

Does that mean you’re covered?

If a system is in place, that does not mean it protects you against all contaminants. Not all filters are the same. Some are just like a filter in your home, some capture finer particles, and beyond that, some actually have the ability to capture, oxidize or destroy these particles. They consist of panels, electricity, UV lights, and other components that convert contaminants to innocuous water vapor and carbon dioxide.

So, what are your next steps?

Contact a professional. Here’s why:

There are several products on the market available today. Based on your space, air intake, ventilation, humidity, contaminant source and other factors to take into consideration a professional can calculate the requirement needs based on parameters you set together to establish a comprehensive infection control plan.

Products Available:

· Trane’s Catalytic Air Cleaning System

· Genesis Air

· Dynamic Air Quality Solutions

Get a free consultation with one of our experts who can assess your system, provide performance analysis and outline a path to achieve your Indoor Air Quality goals:


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