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An Easy Button to Lowering Your Project Cost

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Did you know that Boland can help you pursue grants, rebates, and incentives to help pay for a building energy project?

Utility incentives and rebates are a common type of financial assistance available in our area. Utility companies use these incentives to encourage building owners to lower and/or shift energy usage in order to manage the load on their production and distribution process, as well as improve grid reliability. The incentive programs vary by state and utility provider, however most offer both prescriptive and custom programs.

Let's explore both and see what might be right for you:

Prescriptive incentives cover packaged (i.e., unitary) equipment replacements such as rooftops, split systems, and VRF systems, as well as lighting upgrades. Since these products are simpler in application and have standardized efficiency ratings, the utility company knows the benefit they will achieve through their installation and therefore sets a prescribed incentive amount per unit.

For custom equipment, system upgrades, and bundled projects, many utilities offer custom incentives that require more complex building modeling and engineering analysis to determine the incentive amount. These programs cover projects such as Building Automation System (BAS) upgrades and optimization of chiller plants, where the type of chiller and the specific application affects the benefit to the utility provider.

Now let's talk about grants:

Grants are targeted funds aimed at achieving a specific outcome that may otherwise be financially difficult to achieve. They are often funded by the government, quasi-government institutions, or private foundations. Some grants in our area are aimed at funding building energy projects such as HVAC upgrades, IAQ improvements, renewable energy installations, etc. No two grants are the same, so applications to these are meticulous. It helps to engage a grant writer early in the process of a project that needs funding.

Our Energy Experts are ready to help you match your project with the right funding source, walk you through the application process, and get your project funded. Fill out the contact form below to get started!


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