Buildings + Water = Technology

Let’s talk about the value of water, inherent threats and technological innovation

HVAC began with water – air sent through water-cooled coils. Water is essential to many things in our world, including us. But with water comes demand risks and threats, like bacteria.

If you own a building, you are likely familiar with the word Legionella – which causes Legionnaires Disease. If you have cooling towers, you likewise are no stranger to regular maintenance to remove scale, contaminants and other inhibitors that may corrode the tank, limit water flow and even cause your equipment a premature end due to strain on the system if water is not properly maintained.

With challenges come the opportunity for innovation with advancements in technology and great minds determined to solve the problem at hand. And problems evolve. Today we face water scarcity due to large scale consumption. Energy costs and conservation is needed to protect resources and the environment, along with business margins and the consumer purview. Disease generates liability which in turn drives legislative measures to take action and develop industry standards.